Electro Watchman’s Response to COVID-19

Electro Watchman is committed to serving you during these uncertain times.  We know how important your safety and security are, and procedures have been implemented to maintain the health and safety of our employees and customers.  Since this is an evolving situation, our response may change without notice but our goal is to provide you with continued, consistent service.

  • Our Central Monitoring Station will continue to operate 24/7 to monitor alarm systems.
  • Employees who are unable to work remotely have been physically distanced from each other.
  • Employees who feel sick or are displaying symptoms are required to stay home.
  • All employees who can work from home are working remotely.
  • We are not limiting on-site service, but are asking our technicians and staff to observe all recommended CDC guidelines (including handwashing, social distancing) as well as respecting customer’s individual policies.
  • Emergency service needs will continue to be prioritized.
  • When possible, we will assist customers remotely with any repairs or maintenance needs.
  • Visitor restrictions are in place in all Electro Watchman office areas and deeper cleaning and disinfecting practices have been implemented.


Who can I contact with questions?  Please contact your local branch office with any questions or submit a question by email at Electrowatchman.com Contact Us

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Brian Bertram, CEO

Electro Watchman, Inc.

(651) 227-8461 main

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