Security Alarm Systems

Protect your home with a monitored security alarm from Electro Watchman. Whether your home is new or old, we have a hard-wired or wirelss system to fit your needs. We specialize in new alarms as well as retrofits to your old system with updated devices like door contacts, motion detectors and glass break sensors. 

As more homeowners are removing their phone lines, we provide cellular and radio communicators to transmit alarm signals. These communicators are faster, more secure, and more reliable than phone line systems and allow you to eliminate that extra bill to the phone company.

With a panic button, your alarm keypad can be used to send a silent alarm to our Central Station to have police dispatched promptly. The panic alarm does not trigger an audible siren, but allows for rapid police response to the site without escalating the situation with a loud siren. Medical alert buttons are also available - give your elderly loved one peace of mind by providing a button that will send for medical attention when pressed.

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