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"They have been very proactive in assisting [us] and our needs, which is greatly appreciated because I do not have the time to stay current on the newest security and monitoring systems available."

Commercial spaces of all types and sizes need to employ an appropriate level of security and fire safety equipment to be successful. In some cases, building or fire code requires specific alarm devices and notification for occupants. Even when alarm systems are not required, your business can benefit from the constant protection and peace of mind by knowing that one of our security systems is watching over your property.

We Take Your Safety Seriously

The best offense is a good defense. While no means is 100% effective at keeping our properties protected, a well-designed security or fire alarm system can be the difference between prosperity and catastrophe.

Business owners work hard to build their businesses. Statistics show American businesses lose over one billion dollars a year to theft. Let us help you protect your investments.

Electro Watchman has over 100 years in the industry and has been the trusted eye for thousands of businesses and commercial sites in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa and Montana.

Our Bread and Butter

Not all companies can boast such a long history of continuity in an industry. Electro Watchman has proven its staying power with many satisfied, loyal customers. After 100 years, we are still providing security alarm services to our neighbors and community.

How do we do this? We are a local, independent company that sticks to its value of using high quality products installed by experienced, factory-trained professionals. We want every customer to remain a lifelong customer.

Our comprehensive product array will suit your security and fire safety needs. We are committed to delivering the best technology available without high pressure or gimmicky sales pitches. Over the years we've expanded our expertise to incorporate advancements in security technology that have become standard security measures, including CCTV and access control.

We Take Pride

Only a few regional alarm companies can boast an in-house UL certified Central Station. With our privately owned and operated Central Station, we have been able to provide a wide range of alarm monitoring services while ensuring that our customers are treated with the best care possible. Many companies sell monitored accounts to wholesale monitoring companies, causing vendor confusion for customers. Sometimes these monitoring stations are located thousands of miles away. Electro Watchman's UL listed Central Station is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and staffed by our employees.

We carry UL Certification for fire and mercantile security systems as well as multiple layers of redundancy on our servers and network to ensure our Central Station provides consistent service for our customers at any moment.

Alarm systems have evolved a lot over the years, and Electro Watchman has been the pinnacle of quality in the security industry for installed equipment and service.


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