Access Control

Access control systems put you in control. By incorporating a controlled entry system into your building or tenant suite, your space is transformed from lock-and-key doors to the next generation of door security. Our professional systems are the perfect solution for commercial spaces ranging from one door to enterprise campus systems with numerous doors and hundreds of users. Our staff is experienced in working on equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

With access control, you will never have to worry about lost or stolen keys resurfacing to cause a breach in security in a lock-and-key door. Lost keys require doors to be re-keyed, which is costly and a hassle. With an access control system, users are given an inexpensive access card or key fob token for entry to the door. Lost or stolen cards can be deleted from the system in a matter of moments through robust, user-friendly software. Disgruntled employees or temporary personnel can be swiftly removed from the system, and there is no outlying danger if the access card is never returned.

Access control systems offer scheduling features to better manage the times and days that users have admitted entry. Each door can be set up for automatic locking or unlocking on a schedule, with customized access parameters for each user based on their scheduled hours or authorization to a secured space. System software can even be set up for administration from an off-site location. Doors can be remotely locked during an emergency or for a snow day.

The system lock-down tool allows organizations like schools or government agencies to take immediate action in case of an emergency. This type of technology can be leveraged as a crucial part of the crisis management plan. Threat levels can be preset and quickly executed to provide different customizable reactions based on the requirements of the organization.

A log of user activity is automatically saved on the system as events occur. These logs record a history of events so that you can review a user's actual hours on site and monitor or prohibit after-hours access. In restricted areas, access control is an invaluable and efficient way to grant admission to authorized employees while denying it for unauthorized persons.

Real-time guard station monitoring of building activity can be integrated with a camera surveillance system to provide a snapshot of events. Likewise, businesses without a guard station can benefit from activity logs to review patterns or discrepancies in activities. Custom reports can be compiled to provide data that management may use to adjust the ever-changing needs of your facility.

Email notifications and outputs to security alarm systems for notification provide a real-time solution to activities at the facility. Our staff can provide real-time integration to monitor and control security systems from the access control platform.

Browser-based systems offer all the features and security of client/server systems with an enhanced level of convenience. Since the internet has become an important part of nearly every business, using the infrastructure of your network to leverage your access control system makes perfect sense. Rather than loading client software on a PC or server for system administration, browser-based systems store data in the access control hardware. This data can be viewed using standard internet browsers from any authorized computer connected to the system. Browser-based configuration eliminates unforeseen issues or extra maintenance due to operating system updates.

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