Camera Surveillance (CCTV)

Because a business is composed of people and not just equipment or merchandise, the proven protection of a camera surveillance system is a wise investment. Camera systems act as both deterrent and witness to acts caught on video. With today's technology, it is possible to get high-resolution imaging at reasonable costs.

Camera systems are installed to fulfill a number of goals such as real-time view of people at the door, vandalism prevention, liability protection, theft protection, evidence for prosecution and employee monitoring. Affordable general view cameras that monitor standard activity can significantly improve your business' security and performance.

Advanced analytics systems are capable of people-counting, tracking objects added or left in a scene, or functioning as a virtual tripwire. Access control system integration, designed for advanced systems, seamlessly melds video with event activity throughout your building. Video management software (VMS) is available to provide high level functions, such as analytics and advanced mapping that retrieve camera images by hovering over the camera's location.

Our factory-trained technicians install cameras for maximum efficiency and professionally adjust camera settings to provide the best possible picture. Once a camera system is installed, your authorized administrators are trained to operate the system, allowing them to review video in real-time or retrieve archived video. Today's technology offers access to your system from remote locations via the internet. Browse into the system via PC or smart phone to view live or recorded video. Owners and management save time and resources with off-site viewing of their business 24 hours a day.

The future of CCTV: Technology is constantly changing in our world. Today, we have the ability to provide the finest CCTV camera quality through pan/tilt/zoom and IP megapixel camera systems. Our advanced system installations are sensitive enough to read license plates or capture the details of a transaction. Contact us today for a free consultation on a new system design or retrofit to your existing camera system.

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