Cellular and Radio Communicator

"This system has worked so well that it is going to be installed into another building where we do not have the need for a phone line, thus removing the cost of one more phone line, while providing better monitoring capabilities."

It seems like everything in our world is going wireless. Our proprietary radio system is a money-saving option, while giving you an increased level of alarm service. Using Electro Watchman's licensed FCC frequency, our radio communicators transmit signals through a mesh network comprised of hundreds of installed radios. Each radio acts as a repeater creating a spider web effect of communications. Real-time communication polling gives each radio a dynamic ranking of the best communication path. If the primary path is no longer available, the radio instantly shifts to use the next best path until its signals are received.

New and existing fire alarm systems are one of the best applications for a radio communicator. Our radio is UL and fire department approved to replace all required telephone lines on monitored fire systems. The best part is that, in addition the radio's reliability, you can save up to 40% on monthly monitoring costs by dropping any excess phone lines.

Radios are used to communicate security alarms, as well. They can be installed to act as the primary communicator for an alarm system, or they can be used in conjunction with a traditional phone line-secured system. If the line-secured system becomes compromised for any reason (cut phone lines, overloaded phone system, loss of power) the radio will automatically take over communications for the alarm system.

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