Fire Alarm Inspections

Not only are fire alarm inspections an appropriate safety measure, but, in many cases, they are also required by fire code. Electro Watchman technicians have decades of experience conducting professional fire alarm inspections. Inspectors are not all equal and for something as critical as a fire alarm system, you want your inspection done right.

Annual fire alarm inspections are mandated by state and local municipalities; failure to conduct regular inspections can result in fines or the loss of occupancy of your building. Electro Watchman's professional and seasoned technicians test each device using required procedures and are qualified to conduct inspections on UL certified alarm systems.

From automatic fire sprinkler suppression systems to high-rise smoke detector systems, our capable staff is experienced on a variety of equipment to quickly and accurately complete your inspection. Hopefully, no additional maintenance is required, but in some cases repairs are needed and can often be completed in the same day by the inspecting technician.

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