Fire Alarm Systems

We hate to see the news stories about tragic fires.  What we hear about less often are the stories of businesses that are saved by the quick dispatching of the fire department.  Electro Watchman’s Central Station has accrued countless victories over the years, based on their efforts to swiftly communicate alarms to local fire departments.

National and state fire code demands monitored fire alarms in most commercial buildings.  Buildings with fire sprinkler suppression systems often require monitored fire alarms, as well.  Electro Watchman installs and repairs code-compliant fire alarm systems that save property and lives.  Annual required inspections by factory-trained technicians result in timely repairs and maintenance on alarm systems, ensuring the system will function properly in case of fire. 

Need better protection?  Want to save money?  Check out a fire radio communicator from Electro Watchman.  Not only is the radio fully approved for UL fire monitoring, but it is more reliable than traditional phone lines by transmitting signals more quickly.  The elimination of telephone lines also benefits you with long-term monthly savings.  Fire radios transmit alarm signals via Electro Watchman’s own radio frequency, allowing you to lose the lines and go radio.

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